Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Madness 2015 Eyewear Special

I am very pleased to announce the greatest eyewear sale in the 57 year-old history of Carillon Vision Care! All of the details are found below. This is not a "bait and switch" offer by any means - it really sounds too good to be true.

We were approached by a high-end optical laboratory that manufactures prescription lenses that go into glasses. In an effort to gain our long-term business, this optical lab has offered us absolutely free lenses for the entire month of March 2015, thus we decided to extend this to our patients as well!

If you are a contact lens wearer and have outdated "backup glasses" now is the time to update. Want to get a prescription pair of sunglasses, backup specs, funky specs, computer glasses, transitions, or reading glasses? Now is the time!

We will very likely never be able to provide an offer quite like this again, so come on in this Month!

A sincere thank you from our family to yours for being a patient or customer of Carillon Vision Care.