Sunday, June 15, 2014

Be on the Lookout! Soft Contact Lens Update 2014

Don’t blink or you just might miss them…

As the technology and lens materials continue to improve, new soft contact lenses enter the market on a regular basis. It becomes a challenge for patients, and eye care providers alike, to stay ahead of the curve, so I would like to take this opportunity to discuss some of the newest lenses and contact solutions that are available at Carillon Vision Care.   
Dailies Total 1 (Alcon):  Patients that experience discomfort or dryness with 2-week or monthly replacement lenses typically fare better in daily disposable contacts, especially this one. Dailies Total 1 lenses have the latest generation “silicone hydrogel” core, which promotes oxygenation and breathability through the lens. This design also reduces the risk of contact-lens-related eye infections to nearly zero.  The lens has an outer layer that approaches 100% water contact, making it one of the more hydrating lenses on the market. Although you will spend a little more, the comfort of Dailies Total 1 is arguably worth every penny for certain patients.

Dailies Progressive Contact Lenses (Alcon):  Dailies Progressive lenses are the first daily, multifocal contact on the market. They may be worn full-time, but also serve as a great option for patients seeking multifocal contacts for “special occasions” or simply a day of golf. Either way, Dailies Progressive lenses afford the same benefits and convenience of any daily lens. The lens’ optical system is identical to the Optix Multifocal lens, also manufactured by Alcon, which many practitioners have been fitting for years. As a result, this lens tends to be an easy transition for patients and providers alike.

Purevision 2 Multifocal (Bausch & Lomb): This monthly-replacement, progressive lens is designed to enhance all three zones of vision: near, intermediate, and distance. However, it is uniquely effective in the intermediate zone, which is typically utilized with laptop, computer, and cell phone use. The fitting process is simplified for this lens, versus many other multifocal lenses on the market, and may require less follow-up care for a new wearer.

Peroxiclear Solution (Bausch & Lomb): The best way to clean conventional, soft contact lenses, albeit requiring a few extra steps, are hydrogen peroxide based systems. The most prominent brand has been Alcon's Clear Care system for many years. The latest product in this market segment, Peroxiclear, was recently launched and shows much promise. Peroxiclear possesses a reduced concentration of active chemicals, yet is more effective and cleans faster than the alternatives. Patients also reported less discomfort with lens insertion and wear after using Peoxiclear solution. My office was an early launch site for the Chicago area, and I have received extremely positive feedback from patients.  This product is now also available for purchase over the counter at local drug stores.

Keep an eye out for these lenses, which will be available in the near future:

Air Optix Colors (Alcon): This is the first new, major colored lens to be released in 10 years! They are the first colored contact lenses to offer the advantages of a silicone hydrogel design. These lenses recently received FDA approval and are available the week of this publication.

MyDay 1 Day Contact Lenses (CooperVision): *Not yet available in the USA. This will be the first one-day, silicone hydrogel lens from CooperVision. This lens has been very successful in Europe, where it launched in September 2013. I have been informed that the company expects its American debut around Fall 2014.