Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Introducing Electronically Focusing Prescription Eyewear

Electronically Focusing Prescription Eyewear
Life Activated Eyewear

Electronic Glasses come to Chicago

Initially unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show last year, the new emPower! electronic eyeglasses are now finally available in the greater Chicago area at Carillon Vision Care.  These new glasses essentially allow the wearer to turn the no-line, or progressive, bifocal/trifocal in the glasses on and off by either a touch of the frame or tilt of the head. Allow me to briefly explain how they work:
Glasses look like and indeed ARE designer eyewear
emPower! glasses on their charging station
Each pair of eyeglasses includes a microchip, composite lenses with a thin transparent LCD-layer, miniature rechargeable batteries, and a micro-accelerometer to detect tilt (like a Wii or iPhone). The electronics are all hidden within the surprisingly thin eyeglass frames. Turning the reading portion on and off happens instantaneously, and there are no moving parts or noises. Wearers can operate the glasses in three different modes: manual on, automatic, and manual off. These look like, feel like, and are designer eyeglasses. They are shock resistant, waterproof, and one charge of the battery allows for two to three days of operation.
These emPower! glasses are ideal for those people that suffer from presbyopia, the diminished ability to focus on near objects that affects many starting around the age of 40. Unlike typical corrective lenses, emPower! glasses provide a wider field of view, less distortion, and alleviate common side effects associated with progressive lenses and bifocals used to address presbyopia.
All electronics are hidden within the frame itself
I certainly do not intend to use my blog as an advertisement for selling products, I am personally just really excited about this new technology. I enjoy offering the latest tech in both the care of my patient, and in the optical products we prescribe. My lead optician and I have already fit and ordered a handful of “early adopters” in these glasses the past few weeks, and the very first patient in Chicago to receive these glasses took delivery of them from us just last week!
For more information, check out lifeactivated.com. If you would like to ask our staff a question or see them yourself, please contact our office at 847-657-8787, or send us an email at carillonvisioncare@gmail.com.
Thanks for reading! -Dr. N
Empower Glasses on display at Carillon Vision Care

Dr. Neukirch practices at Carillon Vision Care located in lovely Glenview, Illinois.


  1. These look like, feel like, and are designer eyeglasses. like the best look, best services provides colony mall eye doctor

  2. Just an update on emPower eyewear:

    This was the first generation product, and Carillon led the state in sales of this exciting new type of eyewear.

    The second generation of emPower is about to launch with improved optics, expanded parameters, and a sturdier build. Keep following us to stay updated.

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